My soundtrack of 2019

What was the music that was released in 2019 that did something with me? Yes, music, that doesn’t touch me is not relevant. Music is a companion in life, there are songs, every time I hear them, a glimpse of the feeling comes back to what all happened around listening that song. At the end of this year, I started compiling the list of songs that did something with me this year. Unfortunately, I limited myself the songs that were released in 2019. One thing I will change next time. I am not a music critic, therefore music becomes timeless and the only connection to time is when it touches the soul. The exception is Massive Attack, but I though the Mezzanine album was remastered and rereleased in 2019, so it counts. And it was a great concert ๐Ÿ™‚

Still, I think there were a lot of great songs that have been released in 2019, and a lot of feelings that are connected to them.

Getting through to Sophie Hungers album Molecules took a while, but it went along with me throughout the whole year, with great concerts im Wizemann as well as at the Roxy in Prague, where she did a amazing set as an opener for Fink. And singing in the car.

If I would need to pick one song from 2019, it would be “Komm in mein Haus”. Being on the concert with both of my daughters in Munich was a blast! With the song, I slow down, breathe deeply, hug the whole world, it spreads optimism and my feet and arms start moving. So komm rein, ruh Dich aus, bis der Wind sich legt. ร–ffne Dein Herz, mach die Augen auf.

And there are is at least one story for each and every song on this list.

What are the songs on your soundtrack in 2019?


  1. Sven

    In 2019 I would choose “Dance Monkey” by “Tones and I”. On the first hearing it is a happy and motivating song, but on a closer look it carries more than one saying.

    If you skip the release rule I’ll add “Tag am Meer” by “Die fantastischen Vier”. The Song reminds me of a lot in older days. Visiting the band exhibition 2019 in Stuttgart included a full interactive scenery of the video, awesome!

    1. Post
      Bodo Hoppe

      Thanks, definitely, Dance Monkey was a big one last year.
      We should talk about best songs of Fanta4, I was at the exhibition last week it was a great experience! – Krieger and Sommerregen were my favorite songs ๐Ÿ™‚

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