The IDLER and WOL #42

I am a huge fan of the IDLER: their philosophy – their authors. I also like the German word for it: der Müßiggänger. As their authors inspired me before in their books and articles – and you will read more about these and what I did with them in future blogs – it happened again reading my first paper magazine (YES – paper) . One of the articles from Harry R Lloyd in the issue March/April 2019 “Slow tech – Spin your own web” talks about not leaving our content and our identity to other companies like facebook and rather built your own. I reserved these beautiful domains years ago but never did anything meaningful with them other than a miserable first attempt many years ago sharing pictures and cooking recipes. The domain name I like most is To me, “org” stands for original or organic. Some weeks after that thought went to sleep, I started reading posts and articles on LinkedIn about John Steppers initiative Working Out Loud and as I get excited very easily with new methods, so I did with WOL. Working with a group of people on my personal goals sounds very intriguing. And learning about new methods of collaboration and interacting with others is something I am into. I asked my workmate and IBM WOL Ambassador Sven Stüven: Where can I join a circle? And I started thinking about a goal. The thought about spinning my own web came back and I thought it fit perfectly as my goal for the next twelve weeks. And part of the exercise in week three is to reserve time in my calendar to work on my goal. This is the result of what happened in the first calendar slot. So this is a fun journey and you will hear more soon on this channel!


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